Problem Solutions to Global Communication

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Problem Solution: Global Communications Global Communication (GC) is facing a significant challenge in maintaining its competitive while honoring the rights of all stakeholders. Handled improperly, a push to increase the bottom line can result in a worse financial situation simply due to organization behavior. To accomplish its goals, GC must not only keep the end state in mind, but also address the method by which goals are achieved. Communication between stakeholders is essential to provide a foundation of needs and resources GC has to work with. The effect of emotion on work product makes it essential that options to outsource and other changes are fully explored for all costs. A consistent delivery to stakeholders, such as union…show more content…
Although GC 's declining performance is in a completely different industry, the same principle applies to both companies – a clear statement of what will happen followed by actions that back it up are necessary to make significant cultural changes. For GC to argue that decrease of operating costs is prompting the outsourcing, then teams across the company must be subject to budget reductions. This strategy can be coupled with workflow analysis (see below). A second area for GC to examine in defining its corporate strategy is where the company 's core competencies lie – is GC noted for their technical team or aggressive marketing strategies. At first glance, a call center does not have much in common with the telecom industry. But at McKesson, the loss of several FTE positions stimulated employees to develop a cohesive plan to train coworkers and streamline workflow to allow for the consolidation of three groups (Levin, 2006). This was accomplished by fully informing affected staff of upcoming changes and taking their input into consideration to develop/implement a solution. GC has a similar opportunity in front of them – by including union and staff on the constraints of the current situation as well as available resources, employees themselves may be able to identify additional areas of savings while working to retain the employee pool in a redistributed basis. As with McKesson, GC may find that many strategies that emerge are ones that have been
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