Problem Solving And Solving Methods

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Evaluation of the project: Problem Finding and solving methods In Shawshank case study: There are some problems in Shawshank prison. After reading the proposal we found some problems like Exploitation of prisoners, Guards Frequently Beating Prisoners, The warden forces the guards and the prisoners to do what he wants, Prisoners are unable to adapt to life on the outside after release. To find out the problems as well as to suggest better solutions to these problems occurred in the Shawshank prison, we used some of the problem finding methods to find out the problem and management theories to suggest appropriate solution to those problems. To use those theories first we made the discussion about 1) problems and 2) what we have to do to solve the problems. We used the following theories. • 5 whys: To find out the problems in Shawshank prison we use this problem solving method after discussion with team. In this method we use five whys means a questioner to find out the exact rout cause of the problem. This is really effective method for finding the problems in any of organization. As we found some problems in the Shawshank priosn.we used some theories to suggest the solution to those problems. Evaluation of Team: Team vs Group Difference between Group and Team Work Groups On the basis of Group Teams 1) Share information Neutral (sometimes negative) 2) Individual 3) Random and varied 1) Goal 2) Synergy 3) Accountability 4) Skills 1)
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