Problem Solving Approach And Efficiency Issues

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Table 1.5.1: Work Breakdown Structure

1.6 Problem solving approach and efficiency issues
For the problem solving approach we first consider some base points like existing approaches, algorithms etc . The overall ranking is made based on Frequent comments of Consumers about overall opinion on that product. The ranking is calculated using term frequency and other formulas for positive and negative comments.
Tokenization is the process of dividing the document into smaller pieces of word that is called token. The splitting up into tokens can be done with decision trees, which contains information to correctly solve the questions you might encounter. Some of these issues you would have to consider are: The choice for the delimiter will for most cases be a whitespace (“We’re playing football” -> [“We’re”, “playing”, “football.”]), but what should you do when you come across words with a white space in them (“We’re playing football.”->[“We’re”, “playing”, ”The”, “football”]). What should you do with punctuation marks? Although many tokenizers are geared towards throwing punctuation away, for Sentiment analysis a lot of valuable information could be deduced from them. !puts extra emphasis on the negative/positive sentiment of the sentence, while? can mean uncertainty (no sentiment). “, ‘ , [], () can mean that the words belong together and should be treated as a separate…
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