Problem Solving Essay

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Nasaya Link Business3050 Capella University May 19.2013 I have worked in the restaurant field for over 6years and it can be very stressful. In this field I have encountered many problems especially since my promotion. Being that I was a waitress for 4 years and then being promoted as manager. I feel I have encountered more problems now than ever. I believe a lot of my staff has a problem with transition. I have worked around many of my coworkers for so long that I do not believe they see the difference in me as a manager now and a waitress then. I have bonded so much with my fellow coworkers that I believe I am reason for occurring issues we may have. One of the main…show more content…
They complain about hosting issues, Tip out, and issues with the time for getting bar drinks. As far as I know from the servers their issues with the host were double seating them and not giving them time to greet the next customer in sufficient time. My solution was to talk to the host and to get them to better communicate with the servers so this problem would not continue. So far I have not heard anything so I believe that the problem is under control. Another issue they had was tipping out the bussers. Their concern was that the waitress did more that pre bus the tables so they felt they should not have to tip the busser. So I had to do a little investigating and I spoke with some of the bussers and they inform me that the servers intentionally bus their tables so they would not have to tip out. I spoke with servers and inform them all that they know what policy is and is not for them to bus their own tables. I also mentioned that maybe that is why they are having problems with greeting their tables on time. I explain to the server that had they come to me sooner they would not have these issues. Last but not least the server last concern was about getting their bar drinks out in a timely manner. So I had to go speak with my bartenders and see what their take on the situation was. The bartenders felt like they were understaffed and it was not enough people to run the bar and get the servers drinks also. So After watching the bartenders for about 5 shifts
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