Problem Solving

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Problem Statement Jana LeBeau MGT/521 November 8, 2010 Sandra Griffin Problem Statement “Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that your culinary visions can come true” (Kudler, 2003, p. 3). While holding true to their vision Kudler Fine Foods is having some select issues such as too many stores, high paid employees and the need to expand online ordering. Once these issues are addressed Kudler Fine Foods can begin to bring in the desired cash flow Kathy Kudler is looking for be for she decides to retire and sell off the company. Solving the issues such as location, lack of delegation to managers, and strengthening online sales will allow…show more content…
By doing so, Kathy is able to focus on the important items such as the financials, looking into geographic areas suitable for expansion, and increasing internet orders. Kathy need to either cut her high paid employees who only specialize in certain areas or train them to become useful in other areas so as to use all resources wisely. Kathy has a great opportunity to expand using the internet and online orders. This would allow her to service individuals outside of California and expand her client base. End Vision. Kudler Fine Foods goals and vision should be to continue customer service through store locations and internet orders so as to allow the customer base to achieve the best quality service and products KFF can give to them. KFF should remain loyal to all customers by listening to the needs and wants of the customers in the area of business for each store. KFF should make a goal to allow their customers a more convenient service by increasing internet orders. Conclusion Kudler Fine Foods, even though the company has too many stores in too central of a location, high paid, hardly used employees, and a weak internet order facility there are ways to solve the issues as well as keep the vision statement of providing the best for their customers at all times. Kathy Kudler has some difficult decisions to
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