Problem Solving Inequality

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%\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Activity 2.3} \section*{Activity 2.3} \begin{enumerate} \item Given $\frac{x+1}{x}>0$ does not imply that $x+1>0$ and the learner seems like he multiplies both sides by $x$ which is wrong because we don't know the sign of $x$. \item The learner should modify the idea that multiplying an inequality by a negative number change the sign of an inequality and we cannot multiply the inequality by an unknown number. \item Daniel needs to take several values of $x$ and substitute them in the inequality to check if the inequality indeed holds.\\ Activities for Daniel! (In each of the following problems solve for $x$) \begin{enumerate} \begin{minipage}{40mm} \item $3(x+2)0$ \item $(x+2)(x-3)>0$ \end{minipage}\hfil…show more content…
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