Problem Solving Is The Art Of Finding Novel Ideas Solve New Or Preexisting Problems

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Problem solving is the art of finding novel ideas to solve new or preexisting problems. According to Kolb’s problem solving model, there are four analytical stages: situation analysis, problem analysis, solution analysis and implementation analysis. When solving problems, you can inadvertently develop counterproductive steps in problem solving, if you do not maintain the correct focus. Based on my workplace, the counterproductive steps I identified include: not asking for participation in difficult decisions, continuing along an unsuccessful path, ignoring the downfalls of problems, defensiveness to information gathering and expecting others to accept an unsolved problem that has an unexplored viable solution (288). At work, the night…show more content…
Everyone who participates would participate to help solve the problem at hand, so there is no need to be defensive. Viable solutions create no harm and improve processes. Looking at Kolb’s problem solving-model again, in relation to the payroll problem, the accounting assistant would benefit at the solution stage. In the solution stage, the accounting assistant can look at the processes she used when processing payroll. From the implications she frequently gives managers and employees, her work is a manual input job. For over three months, the time clock employee’s use to clock in with has been down. According to the accounting assistant, when time downloads two hours are cut off because the system is connected to the restaurant system. There is no way to fix it so the time will be on the next pay period check. The identification of the situation and problem create a viable solution. In this situation, based on her implication that her work is a manual input job and the time clock has been down for three weeks; “why not” add the two hours earlier so that it’s included in the correct check. After all, you’re doing a manual input job and the hours total will still register correctly. Cardtronics, Inc. faced external pressures to continue producing a product better than or comparable to the Japanese electronics firm. In keeping with their founding goal of producing a quality cardiac monitor, the company has increased some of their performance
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