Problem Solving - Report 2 - Living on Other Planets.

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Report 2 Living on Other Planets Introduction: * How would facilities function * How would they get supplies * How would people get to the locations The focus of colonization is a topic that has brought up several debates on how it could be possible. But, the first step towards that effort is to find a reason to migrate ourselves to other planets. Different minerals and precious metals from the surfaces of alien celestials are vital to the importance of any specific colonization effort. The industrial implications of a solid core of functional work environment for employees and civilian presences populating the platforms are essential. Facilities will consist of domed structures contained a self-sustained atmosphere and…show more content…
Their main focus is to ensure a high standard and quality of life for the employees and their families who are contracted to the facility. A careful checks and balances system of governing will be put in place so that no single individual would be able to supersede another. Each assigned official will preside over their area of expertise and be responsible for maintaining in overall necessary functions of their specific fields. If for some reason an assigned official could not fulfill their duties or have been compromised in any way a vote would take place by the facilities overall committee on whom their successor would be. The committee will be comprised of senior management officials who specialize in the department of the former board member’s field. As for security, an initial regiment of private security officers will be assigned to each facility and be bound by a provisional constitution based set of laws, afforded the right to act in a manner fitting to situations that may arise within the facility. Company based security will maintain a civil and friendly approach and provide a level of safety for all colonists. Surveillance and monitoring of the facility’s would be done with a minimal visual presence by officers and maintain the rights of privacy of all employees. The same procedure for electing replacement officials will be afforded to this department of the facility and be open to public inquiry of the

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