Problem Solving Skills On A Business Situation

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(iii) Learning Outcomes

8. Problem solving skills in a business situation The lack of responses from proposals I sent to universities for advertising was initially disconcerting. Clients’ informed me that “July/August is our main vacation period, and most people will not be available” (Roth 2015, np). The response I have received from other university personnel can be categorized into one of three categories: 1. They did not wish to advertise, 2. Process were too high and/ or out of their budget, 3. And some inquired about when the deadline was for which they cab respond to. In the instances where university personnel were interested in advertising placement, I promptly returned correspondence with details on the advertising
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However I managed to have a phone call and sought the price issue by offering her the same rate they advertised for from last year. This helps Times of India in maintain client relations.

9. Analytical skills to select and use relevant information for a given task During business representation meetings for Times of India I recorded the minutes of meetings while also taking mental notes on delivery, subject matter, physical gestures, listening behavior, timing, and setting. The manner in which my manager presented the Times of India to potential investors, advertisers, and relevant personnel is a skill that must be honed through a combination of public speaking, emotional awareness, and the development of managerial behaviors that are effective in the corporate environment. For he delivery of courier times and parcels I wanted to maximize my efficiency and minimize my time away from the office. By reducing the amount of time that a package was in-transit, I could enhance communication with clients and ensure any items my manager was expecting were available at the earliest convenience. When sending reminders to clients for invoice payments, proposals and other emails, I was conscious of correct terminology and tone of voice. I studied previous emails sent by my superior as well using online journals to ensure I was complying with industry standards for appropriate business tone. I have attached the emailed
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