Problem-Solving Strategies

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You have been asked by the client to maintain the budget that was used the previous year of $45 + tax & gratuity per person for the food menu. - The restaurant tells you their lowest cost menu is $65 + tax & gratuity per person. - The client is expecting a minimum of 3 courses, and you also need to provide a vegetarian option for several vegetarian attendees. How do you handle this situation: 1) with the restaurant? I may adopt several strategies with the restaurant. These include the following: 1.Elaborating on the opportunity that the restaurant would receive in serving this specific client. I may ask for a reduction pointing out that the client is unable to exceed their budget at this particular time, but their credentials, significance, and wide network of potential clients is something that the restaurant proprietor will not want to overlook. I will consider the situation form the restaurant proprietor's perspective and whilst emphasizing with his dilemma, point out that even though he may lose out fiscally in the short time, long time opportunities may make it worth his while to proffer a reduction 2.I will ask whether the vegetarian courses are cheaper, and point out that the client requires a vegetarian option. This may reduce the $65 3.I will ask them whether they can make an exception in my case and negotiate with client details of this exception. 4.It may be possible that client and/ or an outside source can contribute to the men u. In this scenario, I would
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