Problem Solving Strategies, Questions and Answers

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Define the term problem solving? Problem solving is a mental process through a detail of problem that involves analyzing and solving problems. The goal of problem solving is to overcome the obstacles and find solution that best resolves the issue. Discuss two (2) problem solving strategies that are used by service organization (9 mrks) BRAIN STORMING A problem solving strategy normally done between two or more people, ideas are shared an as more ideas shared, ideas may develop. To begin brain storming a group of individuals gather with ideas and a next individual do the recording of the ideas shared. Each individual must share their ideas, the more ideas share is better for the brain storming. Brain storming must be done in an acceptable environment if employees are afraid their ideas may be rejected. A list must be prepared compiled and distributed to group members for later discussion and a second meeting must held be to recommend the most appropriate solution to be used and resolved the problem. DIAGRAMMING A problem solving strategy that provides visual representation of the problem and facts, there are four main methods: • Pro/con sheet – use to solve problem choose specific course of action. Write down the problem then draw a line in the center with one side saying pro and the next saying con, it works well in choosing solution. • Flow chart –is a helpful problem solving diagram which shows the flow of a problem, it cannot solve the problem but it identify
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