Problem Solving : Understanding And Analyzing Math Word Problems

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Education has evolved in so many ways. As a teacher I have often wondered about my current problem solving skills in relation to my students and how these skills develop through growth. Does problem solving develop as a result of maturation or development based on ages? Problem solving is an aspect of cognitive development, therefore one can assume it develops as children develop. It is evident that teachers and other adults may think of problem solving in mathematics when they hear the words problem solving. I was one of these individuals. I thought of problem solving as understanding and analyzing math word problems, however, it entails so much more. Having well developed problem solving skills or the lack of these skills can impact all areas of life, from in the work place, within yourself, or in a math class. In order to fully understand the development of problem solving skills in adults, researchers have completed several studies on the young children and cognitive development affects their problems solving ability. The research in this paper seeks to understand what problem solving is, how problem solving skills are developed, and the diseases or disorders that may affect problem solving. What is Problem Solving? Problem solving is a mental process which means it is a part of cognitive development. Problem solving is defined as being the process in which an individual solves a complex problem, these problems can occur in different areas of life and are not
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