Problem Solving and Action Paper

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Craig Saxton CJS/225 Tamara Mouras Three brothers for whatever reason decided that they would get their local police department into a shootout. Upon starting a shootout with the first officer to cross his path many more officers joined in the shootout when an undercover cop found himself in the middle and heroically sacrificed himself to stop the shootout. The main problem here is that for some reason these three brothers chose to start a shootout with law enforcement and the crossfire caused the death of an officer which is of course no surprise due to their actions. Of course the issue here is that the undercover officer lost his life in the crossfire to help stop the shooter and that…show more content…
The officers did show good critical thinking in deciding to hold back on the amount of firing to prevent any harm coming to those who lived in the houses that they would be firing towards. It was only after the arrival of Officer Colson who was wearing plain clothes happened upon the scene and was able to distract Michael long enough for his fellow officers (who sadly weren't sure who he was) to get into a better firing position which did allow them to finally stop Michael. Here we can see that once the shooting stopped and officers could clearly see that Michael was distracted they moved into a better position to bring an end to the shootout as quickly as possible. Colson in particular knew that he was going into a dangerous situation and probably had used critical thinking as he approached the scene but knew that the best thing for him to do even if it was risky was to face the shooter head on. With all that we have knowledge of we can see this was certainly a case of something that was harder to tackle with critical thinking due to the nature of the incident. It can be hard to think critically when something happens so fast you have to act in the moment without being able to correlate your thoughts. The officers first big moment of using critical thinking was to hold fire when they were aware of the houses behind the shooter, if they had chosen to fire anyway it could have ended far worse possibly resulting in harmed
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