Essay Problem Solving and Decision Making in Management

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Problem solving and decision-making are fundamental in all managerial activities. Although these defining characteristics of management can be used interchangeably, current literature makes a comprehensible delineation between the two. Problem solving can be defined as a mental process and is part of a larger process that begins with identifying the problem and ends by assessing the efficiency of the solution. Decision-making is also considered a mental process and identifies several alternative scenarios before making a final selection. For the purpose of this analysis, I will discuss the similarities and differences of problem solving and decision-making. I will also explain the steps of the decision-making process and discuss the …show more content…
Recognizing and defining the problem is the first step. Managers must be able to define the problem(s) based on the planned objectives of what is right and what is not. Once the problem has been defined, it is time to determine the significance of the problem. At this point, management needs to focus on how the problem developed and assess what resources are needed to solve the problem. After the problematic information is known, management can begin to generate possible solutions to the problem. It is important for management to come up with as many solutions as possible before the analyzing begins. Often times, solutions to a problem can be simple and easily overlooked due to the heightened stress of the situation. Once the pros and cons to each possible solution have been evaluated, management can now choose the best solution(s) for the problem. In the event that no viable solutions are available, management will need to go back and generate other alternative scenarios. Now that the available solution is ready for execution, management must implement and monitor the solution to the problem. If it is determined that the problem still exists, management will have to decide on a future course of action. As complex as problem solving is, it closely mirrors the concept of decision-making. Unlike problem-solving, decision-making will lead to a course of action or final judgment. According to “Haimann’s Healthcare
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