Problem Statement For Faculty Development

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Problem Statement Faculty development is a crucial factor in the educational quality improving. In Thailand, the educational quality is regulated by the office for national education standard and quality assessment (ONESQA). Faculty development is one of quality assurance indicators that reflect the standard of educational administration (ONESQA, 2015). Regarding faculty development, ONESQA defined its criteria as professional development that institutes have to develop faculty to gain an academic qualification by having the plan, system, and the mechanism (ONESQA, 2013). Although, enthusiastically faculty development program occurred in Thailand, the percentage of faculty development among Thailand educational institutes presented minor rate (Fink, 2013). Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Trang (BCNT) is a higher educational institute that uses the criteria of ONESQA to develop faculty. The outcome of the faculty development of internal quality assessment in academic year 2015 of BCNT illustrated only 10% of faculty members had a doctoral degree and 50% of faculty members achieved the personal development plan. To review the literature by Fishbone diagram, causation of unsuccessful in faculty development consists of faculty-related, colleague related, management and administration, and process and environment. In faculty related, Anwar and Humayun (2015) stated that the poor level of motivation and attitude of faculty and low level of commitment among senior
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