Problem Statement In An Investigation

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The meaning of problem statement in an investigation varies according to different sources. Bryman (2007) states that a problem statement is a clear statement about the topic of interest, a condition that can be improved, an obstacle to be removed, or a problematic theoretical question that is present in scholarly literature. It may also be present in existing fields that has a need for more comprehensive understanding and research. A problem statement does not state the method of doing something, offer generalised proposition, or provide a value question. It serves several purposes, the first is introducing the reader to the importance of the topic being researched on. Secondly, it ensures that the topic is placed into a particular or narrowed context that defines the parameters of the research topic. Thirdly, it serves to provide a framework for the researcher to report the result and shows the probable requirements needed to conduct the study and provide explanation on how the findings…show more content…
The first is called Casuist research problem which is about the right and wrongs when it comes to matters of conduct and conscience. This is done through analysing moral dilemmas by applying general rules and carefully differentiating special cases. Next, is the Difference research problem which is commonly used to compare or contrast between two or more cases. It is mostly used in clinical social sciences or behavioural sciences as an approach to define the problem. Thirdly, Descriptive research problem attempts to describe the significance of a situation, state or existence of particular phenomenon by asking “what is…?” It is usually applied to reveal hidden or understudied issues. Lastly, there is relational research problem which proposes a relationship between 2 or more variables to be researched. It is ultimately used to investigate the qualities that are connected or related in a certain
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