Problem Statement On Maintenance Management

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1.0: Introduction
The introduction chapter begins with the background to the research project, this looks at maintenance and its importance to a manufacturing or production environment. This goes on to look at the formulation of the problem statement which gives an insight into the impact of maintenance on the production cycle. The problem discussion is therefore narrowed down where the problem formulation and research question will be presented. Some shortcomings about the research project are also stated herein.
1.1: Background and Statement of the Problem
The economic downturn and the dynamic business environment drive companies to seek more efficient and effective maintenance methods (Van Horenbeek et al., 2010). Thus, the increasing competition in the market creates a need to search new ways in which companies can differentiate themselves and gain more profit and better competitiveness. To stay competitive and continue to produce profitably mining industries are always looking for ways to continuously improve and optimise their production processes especially when faced with falling or depressed metal prices as well as stiff global competition. Continuously changing world technologies, global competition, environmental and safety requirements as well as investing in total quality
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2001; Henriques and Sardosky, 1999). For companies to survive in the ever-evolving industrial environment, machine/equipment ought to be ideally maintained in an operating condition and should perform its intended functions effectively (Ben-Daya & Duffuaa,
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