Problem Statement : Youth Unemployment, Livelihood Insecurity And Social Protection

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Introduction: problem statement – Youth Unemployment, Livelihood insecurity and Social Protection in Ghana In the past 20 years Ghana has experienced a considerably rapid economic growth of Ghana, majority of the people in the Northern region are still suffering from severe poverty. (World Bank). In spite of the economic growth in Ghana, 68.8% of the Northern region is still poor. The Northern Region of Ghana (Upper West, Upper East and the Northern region) has lost over 500,000 of its population to the south due to Migration. Migration often occurs as a result of poverty, lack of infrastructure, the need to search for better opportunities etc. Migration is also a response “is in response to imbalances in development existing between origin and destination areas.” The imbalances of resource in Ghana has resulted in an economic and development gap between the northern region and the Southern region (regions with natural resources) The roots of preferential treatment can be traced into the colonial times, when the natural resources of geographical location determined the level of attention it got. The south rich in natural resources like minerals, cocoa, coffee and timber products gave room for construction of transportation along its coast to aid the transportation and the export of these products. Investments were channeled to the geographically areas that have abundant resources while the north was left behind due to the scarcity or lack of natural resources. Kwankye et al
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