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This project outline and proposal explores the subject of leadership and employee engagement. As research for employee engagement continues to grow, we are learning how much of an impact leadership teams affect the employee engagement levels. As we continue to explore the subject of employee engagement, we realize there is a direct correlation between leadership, organizational effectiveness and levels of engagement.
Identification and background of issue
The past decade has seen an explosion of research activity and heightened interest in employee engagement among consultants, organizations, and management scholars. Perhaps this is not so surprising given the many claims that employee engagement is a key factor for an
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Benefits with employee engagement
An organization’s performance and success is closely related to that organization’s ability to effectively manage employee engagement, and several advantages of engaged employees include profitability, more motivated employees and higher levels of performance, and an increase in employees’ trust in the organization (Hough, Green & Plumlee, 2015). One important aspect to include when discussing benefits with employee engagement is overall workplace satisfaction. Engaged employees not only create value, but in turn also feel valued in the workplace. This value is accompanied by a meaningful job which provides the employees with a sense of satisfaction. The more a person’s work environment fulfills his or her needs, values or personal characteristics, the greater the degree of job satisfaction (Abraham, 2012).

Leadership and employee engagement
Lastly, we argue that management plays a significant role influencing high levels of employee engagement. When you have great leadership, you foster an environment of high performance from employees. The end result of
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