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Problems with the Media There has been an ongoing dispute concerning the media's perception of how people are supposed to look. It seems that every year, the expectations of looking thin becomes harder and harder to meet. I know this from a personal experience of my own. A few years ago, I would look in magazines and see girls wearing size one or size two clothes. By look at this at least once every month, I started to feel that I was inadequate and I had to loose weight. Unfortunately, I took my dieting to far and over used diet pills. Because of my abuse to the pills, I almost became addicted and that's when I realized how distorted the media's idea of looking good was. Fortunately there are numerous amounts of people that agree…show more content…
She uses many examples, but almost all of them have to do with women and lack male reference. In the essay, Bordo only uses two examples that deal with men. This would include the ads in magazines now using anorexic looking men and the gender gap from eating disorders narrowing. To target the younger women in this essay, Bordo uses examples such as young actresses, models, and the 1996 Olympic games. She first starts out using a Yarbrough 3 popular actress within the teens, Alicia Silverstone. The media accused this nineteen-year-old girl, who is very skinny, of being to fat, knowing that there are many younger teens that look up to her. If her younger fans hear that she is fat, even though she is not close to it, they will immediately think that they are fat too, which isn't something that a twelve year old needs to be thinking. Another main example she uses to demonstrate her notion of the media is from the commentators for the 1996 Olympic games. During the gymnastics division, they talked about how great all the gymnasts looked, but they failed to mention the huge amount of women athletes with eating disorders, along with the nineteen year olds competing that looked and talked like they were thirteen.      By using pictures and referring back to them several times during her argument, not only targets women, but also keeps the younger women still interested. She provides the

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