Problem With The Problem Of Evil

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The Problem with the Problem of Evil
I am arguing that the Logical Problem of Evil (LPE) is not a successful argument to reject the existence of God. This is due to the LPE arguing with an inaccurate definition for the word “good”. With the correct definition of “good,” I will show that an all-good and all-powerful God can logically exist simultaneously with evil. A response for my objection could be the Furthermore, if we allow the inadequate use of the word “evil”, the LPE still does not constitute the immediate rejection of the existence of God due to the concept of free will. A response to this objection is that individual humans are not free and are therefore not morally responsible for their actions. However, I will show that this response fails to disprove the existence of God.

Logical Problem of Evil In the article Evil and Omnipotence , J. L. Mackie argues his version of the LPE. He defines “evil” to be concepts that good can abolish or get rid of. For the sake of this paper I define Mackie’s concept of evil as pain and suffering. In Evil and Omnipotence “Good” is defined to be the taking away of pain and suffering. This definition of “good” and “evil” allows this argument to become valid :
1. God is all powerful and all-good
2. Evil exists _
3. God Doesn’t exist

The above argument is valid due to the logic that an all-powerful and all-good God would be able to and should eliminate all the evil in the world. However, since pain and suffering (evil)

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