Problematize the Exodus-Liberation-Settlement Motif from the Adivasi Perspective

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PROBLEMATIZE THE EXODUS-LIBERATION-SETTLEMENT MOTIF FROM THE ADIVASI PERSPECTIVE Prepared: Kyrshanborlang Mawlong. Introduction: In this paper we are trying to discussion the difficulties that the Israelites faced during staying in Egypt and how God response to their crying by liberated them from the hand of the Egyptian and also how they enter and settled in Canaan. But, this liberation of the Israelite by God create an impact on the indigenous people of the Canaan, we could see there are many problems or difficulties of Canaanite in mix up with Israelites either in culture, religious and social as a whole. We will also see the situation of Adivasi in India how they are suppressed by the oppressors or non- Adivasis/high caste. The…show more content…
Assured of success, Joshua renewed his plans to conquer Ai. The enemy forces were lured into the open so that the thirty thousand men who had stationed beyond the city by night were able to attack Ai from the near and set it afire. The defenders were annihilated, their king was hanged and the site was reduced to rubble. When Israel makes its second attack, the people of Ai as well as the inhabitants of Bethel vacate their cities to pursue the enemy (Josh. 8: 17). Not all of the Canaanites tried to resist Israel's invasion. One group, the Gibeonites, avoided destruction by deceiving the Israelites into making a covenant of peace with them (Joshua 9:1). Alarmed by the defection of the Gibeonites to Israel, a group of southern Canaanite kings, led by Adoni-zedek of Jerusalem, formed a coalition against the invading force. The kings threatened to attack the Gibeonites, causing Joshua to come to the defense of his new allies. Because of supernatural intervention, the Israelites were able to defeat the coalition. Joshua then launched a southern campaign which resulted in the capture of numerous Canaanite cities (Joshua 10:1). Joshua's third and last military campaign was in northern Canaan. In that region King Jabin of Hazor formed a coalition of neighbouring kings to battle with the Israelites. Joshua made a surprise attack upon them at the waters of Merom, utterly defeating his foe (Joshua 11:1-15). The invasion of Canaan met with phenomenal success; large

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