Problems Associated With Climate Change

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1. What is this report about?
It considers threats and impacts associated with climate change could be reduced and handled through mitigation and adaptation. The report evaluates resilience, choices, opportunities, constraints, needs, limits, as well as other features connected with adaptation. Climate change requires shifting probabilities of impacts that are varied with complicated interactions. A focus on danger, which will be not old in this report, complements other aspects of the report and supports decision. Societies and individuals may view or rate possible gains and hazards otherwise, given aims and varied values. All-inclusive evaluation has been eased by increased works across a more comprehensive group of issues and sectors, with increased coverage of the ocean, variation, as well as human systems. (IPCC, 2014)
The findings in this report have greatly improved our knowledge of the range of decrease pathways accessible and their inherent economical, technological and institutional demands. The report thus requires the urgent attention of both policymakers as well as the public. (IPCC, 2014)
2. What climate change vulnerabilities are identified for your region?
Climate change has mixed effects on farming and the effects are very different with regards to harvests, periods and areas. The transforming factors of climate have now been exerting unfavorable impacts that were powerful on Malaysian agriculture, which can be apprehended to result in shortages of

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