Problems Associated With Comorbidities And Its Effects On The Individual 's Current Level Of Development

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Closely associated with comorbidities, is the concept of addressing any vulnerabilities or hurdles that consumers might face, not only in undertaking treatment, but in their day to day life. These hurdles include such things as impairments in vision, hearing or coordination.11 Another core concept that is pertinent to consider in management of these young people is to recognise that they are in an incredibly dynamic phase of development. Each individual will be referred at a different emotional, psychological and physiological stage, and each individual will evolve, mature and develop at a different trajectory. The clinician must take this development into consideration to ensure firstly, that the treatment is appropriate for the individual’s current level of development, and secondly, that the treatment considers the likely development course, and evolves with this development.12 In my own clinical experience, it is not uncommon for families, schools and organisations to present in crisis, with the hope of obtaining immediate answers and rapid improvements. However, despite these many agendas, it is important for clinicians to have a clear mind and sound knowledge of human learning and behaviour modification. With both the psychological and neurobiological understanding of the formation of learnt behaviours and habit formation, it is crucial that both the clinician and the consumers are aware of the need for appropriate treatment durations, and understand that it may take…
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