Problems Associated With Global Co Operation

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It is widely recognised that the planet is facing serious environmental encounters that can only be addressed through global co-operation. The international legal developments related to the protection of environment took place in the second half of 19th century which was due to political and intellectual movement in west . Because they are unique so that is why they are and they should be treated in a unique manner “sui generis”. Due the fragmentation of environment the accumulation brings out an intensification of uncertainty that tenders environmental laws truly sui generis in nature and this uniqueness is inherent, this hereditary unique prevalence requires unique attention too. “International environmental law” the term is still…show more content…
The environmental threats include the consequences of polluting activities and other impacts of environmental degradation, such as toxic emissions and waste. Harms can come about a consequence of complex interaction and from cumulative sources. The environment as an indefinite and extremely elastic concept will obscure politics, as new indication, performers, threats and opportunities are introduced into an already highly complicated policy domain.
The specificities of International law got quite less response to the global environmental issues, and more focused on international human rights, sea boundaries and international trade etc. The building blocks of environmental laws are to be found through a study of tort, nuisance and negligence, contract law through agreed environmental standards, property law, criminal law and planning law, judicial review and recently the human rights. Most of the issues are interlinked just requires a depth of observation, same is for the case of environmental laws which are linked with all of the other international issues such as trade and human rights. It is worth that international environmental law is more or less the application of public and private international law to environmental problems. Historical developments of environmental laws leading to international environmental legislation
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