Problems Associated With Hepatitis C

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Introduction: Indigenous peoples in Canada (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) are recognized as having a significantly increased hepatitis C disease burden in comparison to non-Indigenous Canadians (Uhanova, Tate, Tataryn, & Minuk, 2013). Due to over-representation in many groups considered high-risk for hepatitis C transmission, such as those living in unstable housing or engaging in injection drug use, Indigenous peoples living in urban settings are particularly affected (Miller et al., 2010). Recent studies have shown that comprehensive research on the risk factors associated with hepatitis C acquisition in urban Indigenous populations is lacking (Uhanova et al., 2013; Plitt et al., 2011). Furthermore, available evidence suggests that…show more content…
Second, it will assist in identifying the most salient hepatitis C risk factors for inclusion in a survey to be administered to a sample of urban Indigenous persons living with hepatitis C. To meet these objectives, peer-reviewed databases were searched using the SFU Library Fast Search function. The following search terms were utilized: (“Indigenous” OR “Aboriginal” OR “First Nations” OR “Métis” OR “Inuit”) AND (“hepatitis C”) AND (“urban”) AND (“risk factor”). After the initial serch, all articles published prior to 2008 were excluded, yielding 1,890 results. Upon reviewing the most relevant abstracts, five articles were deemed to be the most focused on hepatitis C risk factors in urban Indigenous populations and included in this review. This review will draw out and summarize key themes and findings from those five studies. Next, potential gaps in the research related to hepatitis C risk factors for this population will be examined. It will will then conclude with a brief discussion of future directions for research, as well as the implications of these risk factors on hepatitis C policy and interventions for urban Indigenous populations. Risk factors for hepatitis C in at-risk urban First Nations peoples Injection drug use An overarching theme that emerged from the literature was the intersection of Indigeneity, hepatitis C and injection drug use (Craib et al., 2009). Persons who
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