Problems Associated With Teen Pregnancy

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Problems Associated with Teen Pregnancy
There are about 860,000 teens who become pregnant each year and about 425,000 give birth. (Lawton 22). Even though in recent years there has been an unexplained decline in unwanted pregnancies it continues to be a problem among teenagers. Even with a decline the CDC says that the teen birth rate in the United States is still nine times higher than other developed countries. Although many teens do not plan on becoming pregnant, it does happen, and there are consequences that come with teen pregnancy. Limited resources, some may have parent or guardian support and some may not, as well as a drastic lifestyle change compared to other teens.
In the United States, as in most other industrialized countries, teen mothers often find it difficult to finish their education and face the possibility of financial hardship. (Immell 9). Most teen mothers were themselves born and raised in poverty. The cycle continues with their children who tend to suffer more from hunger and malnourishment and be exposed to more violence, abuse and neglect. (Immell 11). With little income of both parents, mainly the mother, it is very difficult to provide the baby with the proper nutrition and care. Education is cut short and it is very difficult for the mother to find a decent job.
Due to a lack of education there are limited resources for a teen mother. The type of job that a mother might find will not pay enough…
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