Problems Associated With Urban Noise Pollution

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Urban noise pollution is causing increased health risks in the population. This is due both to the fact that noise levels, particularly those associated with transport, have increased dramatically since the mid-twentieth century and that a higher percentage of the world population is now concentrated in urban systems. This problem has also increased economic costs due to failing health and reduced productivity of the population, affecting between 0.2% and 2% of gross domestic product in the US. In the European Union, the costs range between $13 billion and $38 billion per year. In addition, traffic noise causes the depreciation of properties exposed to high noise levels.
Studies on urban noise are becoming more numerous,
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As a starting point, vehicles were classified into the following categories: motorcycles, cars (including cars, trucks, small delivery vans and microbuses), buses, mini-buses (small buses) and trucks (over 3 tons). Subsequently, we conducted measurements of single noise on the streets of the city (n = 533 vehicles), seeking to exclude the impact of other vehicles and other sources of noise. To this end, we used an integrated Extech type II sound level meter (SLM) to evaluate the instantaneous sound level (Li,1sec) during the approach and passage of each vehicle in front of the SLM on roads with 1 and 2 lanes. These measurements followed conventional techniques and were conducted using a tripod and a windscreen at a height of 1.2 m at a distance of 1 m from the road with A and slow weights. In parallel, we gauged the pace at which every vehicle was voyaging utilizing manual Bushnell supplies. In all cases, the predominating conditions included level, dry streets, wind speeds short of what 4 km/h and a low frequency of other clamor sources.
For each type of vehicle, we conducted a regression analysis between the maximum noise level (when passing in front of the SLM) and speed. Because this yielded low coefficients of determination, we implemented classification trees to dissociate subgroups depending on the speed of vehicles. Subsequently, we averaged all noise levels recorded in each subgroup at time zero (passing in front of the SLM) and
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