Problems Caused By Overpopulation Is The Rise Of A Place Populated With Excessively Large Numbers

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Problems Caused by Overpopulation in Cities Overpopulation is ‘The condition of a place populated with excessively large numbers’. It is considered a problem in many senses, since it causes a number of issues for various different reasons. One major issue caused by overpopulation is the rise of unemployment. This is when people actively seeking employment or just people that are able to work remain unemployed. Overpopulation causes this because the amount of jobs available would be the same as before the city became overpopulated, meaning that there wouldn’t be enough jobs for the amount of people needing one. With more unemployed people come many obstacles and problems, not only for the people this affects, but for the whole economy and…show more content…
This would cause many companies to have lost business. Furthermore, this could even result in more unemployment, because the companies may be forced to make cutbacks of their own within their staff or branches (if it was a shop). From all this evidence, we can see that unemployment is a major issue, and affects many people. A large amount of unemployed people are in that condition due to overpopulation, proving that overpopulation is the cause of a significant problem. A second problem caused by overpopulation is the degradation of the environment. With oil, water and natural gases being overused, it starts having severe effects on the environment. There are many negative consequences that we may have to face related to this, the cause of them being overpopulation. There are three main types of environmental degradation. The first type is air. Air pollution is one of the bigger issues within this category. Not only does it damage the air, it is also a hazard to human and animal health. Particles from the pollution can easily lodge themselves into lungs, and cause many problems in the body. Another type of environmental degradation of air is the depletion of the ozone layer. If the ozone layer is damaged, lots of ultra-violet rays from the sun will be able to reach the Earth’s surface. Excessive amounts of ultra-violet radiation could cause numerous problems for human health including skin and eyesight

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