Problems Caused By The Biophysical Environment

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There are a lot of problems that occur in the biophysical environment. These problems differ from pollution, to dumping in the rivers, lakes, and oceans, to destroying Mother Nature’s finest things to support our wants. These problems seem to always involve us in some type of way. We as human beings have lived on this earth for thousands of years. To say that we haven’t made impact on this planet would be such an understatement. I think that we are one of the causes for the environment being the way it is because after reading the several books in the class, every problem that occurs in the book seem to always revolve around us. I’m not here to blame humans for the poor environment but we have to accept a fair cut of the blame because we tend to act without thinking of the consequences. Our actions have caused many species to become extinct. We destroy their homes and sources of food and the species slowly die out.
It seems to me that we are the problem and if we want to solve the problem, only we can be the solution. It creates a very interesting topic to talk about. I’ve seen so many television specials as to how the earth has changed ever since the human race was born. I’ve take small actions to help because even the smallest things can contribute to the health of the planet. This is the only planet we are able to live on, so therefore I feel that we have to limit a lot of things we have to do. This topic on how humans hurt the environment interests me so much because I…
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