Problems Dealing With Liberty And Social Order

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Problems Dealing with Liberty and Social Order The Declaration of Independence, the most significant statement of natural rights and liberty ever made, accompanied the birth of the United States as a nation. Ever since the Declaration of Independence was instituted, American leaders have worked overtime to ensure that the citizens of the US enjoy their freedoms and rights. In fact, United States falls under the category of one of the ‘freest’ nations in the world, in consideration of the huge population and vast ethnic and racial ties in the nation. The United States has also tried to offer a helping hand to nations that have traded their freedoms for the promise of security and liberty, or unlimited freedom and have achieved neither of the two promises. However, the biggest fear that lies in the American citizens and leaders is how the nation can effectively manage security, civil liberties, and social order. In this paper, the discussion revolves around problems that the United States and other nations face dealing with liberty and social order. Liberty refers to the state of an individual being free and not conforming to the oppressive restrictions placed by the authorities that seek to demand one’s behavior, their way of life, and political views. In simpler terms, liberty refers to the power an individual has to act as they please. Social order, on the other hand, refers to a set of social structures, customs, relations, institutions, and values meant at conserving or

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