Problems Experienced by Older Adults Who Have Low Health Literacy Skills

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Health literacy Problems experienced by older adults who have low health literacy skills Health literacy has great implications for the older adults in the population. One implication is that the older adults may put off important screenings and tests. This is because as a lack of the proper health literacy skills, the older adults will not see the relevance or importance of these screenings and tests and thus will ignore them. This has been seen to lead to a higher incidence of problems that are related to diabetes. A second implication of the low rates of health literacy leads to lack of knowledge on preventative care. Preventative care is especially important in the older adults who are usually more susceptible to various diseases and infections as a result of their weak immune system. This has made inadequate health literacy in the older adults to be associated with their poorer mental and physical health since they do not take the appropriate preventive measures to protect themselves ADDIN EN.CITE Speros20091589(Speros, 2009)1589158917Carolyn I. SperosMore than Words: Promoting Health Literacy in Older AdultsOJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in NursingOJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in NursingManuscript 51432009( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_5" o "Speros, 2009 #1589" Speros, 2009). Poor health literacy of the older adults also makes them unable to adhere to medication regiment. Since the older adults are unable to read the prescription drug labels, this may lead them

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