Problems Faced By Businesses Towards Climate Change Issues

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Abstract: This essay presents the two major challenges faced by businesses towards climate change issues, which are efficiency and ethics of business. Some classical management theory can be applied in dealing with these challenges in order to save resources achieve sustainable development.
Key word: Challenges, climate change, management, sustainable development
The unprecedented climate change rate of this era arouses the awareness of individuals and businesses. Because the influence of the business activities are the major reasons of environment change (Andrew 2011). Climate change can cause numerously detrimental results such as water resources damage, food production decreasing and the disappearing of some animals and plants. Businesses nowadays not only need to focus on achieving benefits and profits, but also they have to operating in a sustainable process (Ken et al.2009). In this particular circumstance, enterprises have the responsibilities to find better management methods and principals managing their staff and tasks, in order to achieve balance between profit maximum and environment protecting (Davi et al 2010). In this essay, I will present some challenges businesses are facing and look at Henri Fayol’s 14 principals to figure out which of them are suitable principals and methods can be applied in business management toward climate change issues.
Classical management theory
To find a suitable and efficient management method dealing with this

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