Problems Faced By New York And Tokyo

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Introduction: problems arisen (arising) from urbanisation Nineteenth century was the century of urban revolution. The population of many cities has been growing exponentially, and cities are urbanising rapidly throughout the centuries. Hence many cities such as Singapore, New York and Tokyo are being confronted with issues like scarcity of land which increase their city’s surface pressure. Land is not created equal, even though some countries have abundant land in the form of forest and farms, which can be transformed into an urban land someday. Singapore and New York thereby are amongst the most densely populated cities in the world with limited land, which will affect the city’s urban development and its economic growth. Although expanding outwards into the suburban area might be a solution to the overcrowding cities, to spread out and relocate the people in areas that are less economically attractive could be seen as fairly uneconomic, in terms of a city’s efficiency. For example, concentrating the economic activities in cities reduced the time for transmitting goods, people and ideas. In addition, infrastructure is becoming more demanding of extra space and it is affecting the quality of life in the urban environment. On the introduction of Sanja Durmisevic’s thesis , the author mentioned that the underground space is recognised by the policy maker of ‘Spatial Exploration 2000’, as a potential feature to improve cities future spatial requirements. Therefore,

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