Problems Faced By San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of America’s most vibrant, richly complex cities to reside in. Anyone who has ever visited or lived in San Francisco knows that available parking is a scarcity. Although well known for its great climate, amazing landmarks, unique attractions and diverse culture, the shortage of parking space is a force to reckon with. The parking demand in San Francisco is so intense that often residents and commuters are routinely frustrated with trying to seize a parking space whether for work, shopping or storing their vehicle. Furthermore, this just downplays how important a parking spot can be for a considerable amount of San Francisco 's occupants. Drivers often scan between 10-30 minutes, once in a while futile, just to locate a desired parking spot. The time connected with discovering a parking spot limits the comfort of traveling in the car and is an implicit expense of driving in San Francisco. Raising prices for residential parking permits, increasing meter rates and changing off-street parking standards are three key areas that require attention to help resolve this dilemma. Raising prices on residential parking permits San Francisco’s planning department has considered raising the price of the residential parking permits. The parking permit was petitioned by 27 neighborhoods which means that the demand for these coveted permits were high. However, the demand for the permits is higher than the actual supply of spaces available. Before the city can
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