Problems Faced By Santa Fe Dental

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Problem Solving to Address Challenges Problems in an organization can inhibit its growth and success. Using a framework to define the root cause and potential solutions can help reduce bias and form a creative decision. Santa Fe Dental was an organization that performed excellent dentistry but was failing to make a profit. An attempt was made to solve the problem, but was unsuccessful. By using the problem-solving process, it will be understood what went wrong and how to better solve problems for the future. Organizational Challenge Santa Fe Dental was an office suffering from a lack of a strong patient base. The economy had slowed, new patients were rare, and current patients were not keeping the work schedule full. The number of staff was very small consisting of one dentist (the sole proprietor), one dental assistant, and one dental hygienist; all three shared the front office duties in order to keep the salary overhead as low as possible. The team was discouraged because of the lack of production and unfilled treatment schedule. The problem solving process is a logical and useful sequence for overcoming problems and improving the standard of decision making (Liang & Zhang, 2010). The cause is the reason the problem exists; it has a bearing on the process and its output (Shri, Mukhopadhyay & Ghosh, 2013). Properly identifying the root cause will help in solving the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. Multiple possible alternatives for solutions
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