Problems Faced By Senior Population Essay

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One of the greatest challenges of the twenty first century will be the tremendous increase in the number of older adults throughout the world. Elderly people are the most rapidly increasing age group in Canada. In 2000 there was about 3.8 million Canadians were 65 years older. Statistics of Canada projects that by 2021, it will get doubled (Hick S., 2010, p.270). It is sure that this demographic trend will affect most part of our society, especially the health care needs and the delivery of health services. There will be a huge increase in the issues that affect the older Canadians. It is important that future health care professionals especially the social Service workers should be prepared to meet the needs of the increasing aging population across the globe. This paper examines the main problems faced by senior population in Canada, the different social work theories related to ageism and the different roles, values, knowledge and responsibilities needed for gerontological social work practice. The reason behind the aging of the Canadian population can be related to three important factors. The first one is the Baby Boom Generation; these people are born between 1946 to 1966.The eldest of these population are approaching their retirement, it created a surge in the total number of aged people in Canada. The second important factor is the new life style that is present in Canada, most people postpone their marriage and many of them are not interested to start a family life.

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