Problems Faced By The American System

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Problems in Education
The American system has undergone several commendable reforms in the past. However, some factors still remain wanting and in need of more aggressive action to address. The unequal distribution of funds for schools has been a practice thought to be one that suits all schools. To the contrary, this method of fund distribution has raised other pertinent issues that suggest it should be revised. There is also concern over the large student-teacher ratio at these learning institutions, which lead to very large class sizes. Education policies governing states concerning the maximum class size are common in the American K – 12 education system. The introduction of standardized release of funds to schools and the lowering of
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This introduces a loophole in the education system that allows for wastage of special abilities that remain untapped and underdeveloped. This in turn results in low productivity in students, who don’t feel challenged to put more effort, resulting in poor output by the class in general. This lack of motivation to do better by the exceptional students can also be explained by the fact that even without putting much effort, they still lead the class, giving them a sense of contentment and they therefore do not feel the need to work harder. The weak students are not motivated either since the average performance of the class is dismal, and their weakness is not exposed enough for them to notice they need extra assistance from their tutors. This makes for a class that generally has poor outcomes in their academic performance. Big classes are also associated with lower quality instruction. As much as interactive activities are not easy to plan for and carry out in a class, it is worse for bigger classrooms, which prohibit movement from their overcrowding aspect. Classroom management in big-sized classes is usually a problem for the teacher as it is difficult to ascertain the consistency desirable to promote proper classroom management.
This is why a reduction in the class sizes will improve learning at institutions of learning. This might
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