Problems Faced By The Ordinance Of Fresno

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For years, an idea was tossed around and the city leaders of Fresno, CA have created a domino effect by finally approving Article 16 in February 2017. The controversial article mandates landlords and apartment managers to register their rental housing inspected for quality of living, pay for inspection fees, and pay for any discrepancies found (Article 16 Section 10-1601-10-1615). The process has started for Madera County to adopt the ordinance that Fresno County has approved and it has created a divided between its citizens. According to a recent survey, about 51% of the citizens surveyed were against the ordinance. However, out of the 49% of people who agreed with the ordinance, only 18% had knowledge of what it was about. Those who were…show more content…
The approval of Article 16 will burden rental owners who are compliant with unnecessary fees for inspections that have already been done in the initial process. Rental managers and landlords who follow regulations would be unfairly, especially if they own multiple rental properties as their only source of income. Before landlords can rent a property legally they’re required to have a housing business license and a Certificate of Occupancy which does the initial inspection of the rental to ensure compliance with building codes (“What Landlords Need to Know About Business Licenses”). All legal and compliant homes have already been inspected and paid for. The ordinance not only singles out those who are own a rental business illegally but it doesn’t support those who have complied with the regulations of owning a business rental property. Therefore, the approval of this law will cause duplicate work and fees that have already been done initially by those who own their rental business legally. The proposed ordinance allows for intrusive home inspections which is a violation of the tenant’s property rights. According to the U.S Constitution, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not

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