Problems Faced With Airport Security

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When tragedy struck the nation on September 11th, the minor problem of airport security breeches suddenly became one of the biggest concerns facing our nation. Ever since the late 1980s there had been many promises and plans to shape up airport security, but according to experts there has been little, if any, real improvement in public safety since that time (Morris 28). Its obvious to assume that because of the lack of improvement, great tragedy struck our nation on September 11th. Since September 11th there has been great attempts in fixing the problems that we face with airport security, but yet there are still breaches in airport security, we are still not safe. There are several factors behind the problems with airport security; they range from inadequate machinery used, to poorly trained screeners. A proposal needs to be raised, one that would seal up the remaining gaps that we still face regarding the issue of airport security.
Due to all the complicated factors that we have to deal with in regards to airport security, a proposal will be raised. With the proper precautions, the events of September 11th could have been prevented. The question raised is, what are the problems with airport security? The issue rather complex involves three main areas; they include policy, technology, and personnel. The main problem is the personnel, and it starts with the screeners. A screener is someone who stands watch as travelers put their items on the X-ray conveyor belt (schwartz
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