Problems Faced by Brazil and South Africa

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Problems Facing Brazil and South Africa:
Brazil has always portrayed a public self-image of a racial democracy though it's currently being challenged since black Brazilians struggle to capsize centuries of racism. While many black Brazilians have decided to fight numerous racial comments they receive from their white counterparts, their problems are deeply rooted in the country's legacy of racial divisions. Many black Brazilians have continued to fight the long-denied space in the country's society that has kept them on the margins. This group of people are advocating for two affirmative-action legislations in the nation's Congress that would provide opportunities for college enrollment and governmental payrolls to black Brazilians.
Consequently, the country has been forced to discuss the issue of racial divisions after several decades of showing the world that it's free for racism. Though the nation's elite have stated that Brazil is not a racist country, the social indicator shows that exclusion is prevalent within the country. These initiatives have marked a dramatic transformation in the nation with more than 90 million black people (Chang, 2007).
The country's numerous problems can be attributed to the racial disparities that have been entrenched in its history. In addition to being the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery, Brazil has continued to suffer from poverty, high illiteracy levels, and poor health systems. These problems can be traced to the
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