Problems Faced by Illiterates Essay

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Imagine for a minute that one day you wake from a nights sleep to find nothing as it was, you don't know where you are, the people around you, or any aspect of your life that you were so sure of the night before. Imagine the feeling of confusion and uncertainty that a situation of that sort would have. This chaos is not far from what millions of illiterates feel on a daily basis. The phrase "illiteracy" applies to more than a simple inability to read or write. There is also "functional illiteracy." Functional illiterates can read words but they cannot comprehend their meanings, synthesize information or make decision based on what they read. Illiteracy could also be defined as restriction or confinement due to the simple fact that,…show more content…
Illiterate run in to problems everyday and everywhere. They always have to depend on how the picture looks and take that chance in thinking that, that is what they are buying. One of the scariest things would have to be when you are in a situation and your life is in danger or at risk and there is nothing you can do to help yourself. " This panic is not so different from the misery that millions of adults experience each day within the course of their routine existence in the U.S.A.." ( Kozol 231) Not being able to read a warning sign on medicine bottles or the directions in taking the medicine is a dangerous situation. When having to take medications, it is a very risky chance because they may have an allergic reaction to the medication because they couldn't read the part where is says if you are allergic to acetaminophen. A recent study showed that " thirty percent of 2,659 people had a inadequate functional health illiteracy meaning that they could not comprehend the pg.3 written instructions on the prescription bottles. A doctor noted that "adults with limited literacy face formidable problems using the health care system. They are less likely to use screening procedures, follow medical regimens, keep
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