Problems Faced by Internal Governance Systems

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Regular meeting of the governing body is not held. Members of the governing body are not informed about the current programs of the organization. Most of the members do not visit the NGO except Participating in meetings. The governing body is formed according to the choice of founding executive head. The governing body does not oppose the executive head’s opinion and decision. Meetings of the governing body are held only to maintain formality. Meeting proceedings are prepared although a meeting is not held. Membership of the governing body is given to people for their social and political reputation although they are not able to give time to the organization. Members of the governing body often recommend for recruiting their relatives. No action is taken against the executive head although s/he acts against the interest and objective of the organization. There is no scope of giving opinion by general staff.

Financial Transparency
In some NGOs there is lack of financial transparency, accountants are not independent sometime they are forced to provide wrong information in financial reports to show good balance in financial report. There are also some NGOs that Financial and other facilities are taken by members of the board. The chief executive has unlimited discretion in financial decision. The chief executives are responsible to communicate with donors, preparing the…
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