Problems Faced by Soldiers Returning from War

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Problems Facing Soldiers Returning from War Soldiers returning home from war face a number of problems as they try to reintegrate into civilian society. They are transitioning from high-stress environments that have required a high-level of very specialized skills that do not necessarily translate into civilian life. These problems run a wide gamut, ranging from health problems, unemployment, family issues, legal problems, financial problems, homelessness, and behavioral issues (Prudential, p.2). Furthermore, it is important to realize that dealing with only one or two of the problems may not be sufficient to help soldiers who are returning from war; instead, helping soldiers reintegrate will require a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple dimensions. One of the first things that must be considered when a soldier is returning from war is what war-related injuries or health conditions have impacted the soldier's health. First, many returning veterans have suffered from readily visible life-changing injuries, such as the loss of a limb or significant burns. These wounds will obviously impact their lives. However, many of the health problems facing veterans are not readily visible. For example, many soldiers experience musculoskeletal injuries; "just over half of all veterans' post-deployment health visits address lingering pain in their backs, necks, knees or shoulders," (Salamon). Furthermore, many soldiers have been exposed to chemical, such as nerve agents,
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