Problems Faced by Students Mastering the English Language

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Sample of good assignment FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT OUMH1103 LEARNING SKILLS FOR OPEN DISTANCE LEARNERS 1 Sample of good assignment Improving the Mastery of Soft Skills among University Students in Malaysia Introduction Recently Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin voiced his dissatisfaction towards the current Malaysian education system, and had since conducting a review towards it. This action is taken after the discovery that many students in tertiary educational institutions lack in competency and having difficulties finding a job. Many people, especially employers have known an important element which is missing from most of the university graduates; namely the soft skills.…show more content…
The Ministry of Higher Education (2006) defined the term as critical elements in the globalised working world, particularly in light of rapid technology advancement. Therefore, soft skills need to be embedded and assessed in teaching and learning in line with the student-centered learning approach. 3 Sample of good assignment Important Soft Skills for Malaysian Students The Ministry of Higher Education (2006) stated that there are seven main elements of soft skills. These skills are important for each university students as they will be demonstrated during job interviews. They are: 1. Communication skills; 2. Critical thinking and problem solving; 3. Teamwork skills; 4. Lifelong learning and information management; 5. Entrepreneurship skills; 6. Ethics, moral and professional skills; and 7. Leadership skills. Each of the above soft skills comprised of several sub-skills, and these sub-skills are divided into two categories of implementation – must-have soft skills and good-to-have soft skills. Although it is emphasized that must-have soft skills are necessary, it is also noted that goodto-have soft skills are encouraged to have so they can add extra value to the must-have soft skills. Furthermore, all elements of soft skills must be acquired by each individual student and evaluated effectively and comprehensively.
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