Problems Facing Children at School: Apathy

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Many often look at the children in America and say that the “children are our future.” However, what if the only ones who cared about the success of the children and their futures are the many adults who hold this view? While it may not make the headlines or be a breaking story on the news, school children are beginning to take a more apathetic approach to schoolwork and the education system. Children seem not to worry as much about school, but rather about their social lives, or their lives outside of school and how they are accepted by others. Apathy is becoming one of the biggest problems facing children today. One such case of apathy happened to a physical education teacher, Andy Wilson. One class he noticed after he gave instructions on what the kids were to do there was a child who was still sitting around. He told him he had to participate. “The child asked me why and I asked him how if he never participates or does what he is supposed to in school, how will he ever learn to do build those skills for when he goes out into the world and has to hold down a job (Wilson).” The boy replied: “What is the point? I’m fifth generation welfare, the government is taking care of me and always will.” “I had no response. What he said was sad, yet true (Wilson).” Apathy is one of the biggest problems facing children in schools today. Apathy in the schools is a serious problem, and educators and parents must work together to find how they can eliminate it. Many…
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