Problems Facing Education And Health Care

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There are many problems in our society, however the top two problems currently facing our society in my opinion are problems facing education and health care. Levine (2013) discusses that in many locations, it is not uncommon for high school drop out rates to be as high as 50% or, even 75% in some areas. This is a drastic issue that is in need of addressing because low education rates can lead to other negative consequences such as higher rates of unemployment or incarceration. Thus, this is an issue that can create a domino of negative effects. I was surprised to see some of the high dropout rates that Levine quotes, because education should be a right and not a luxury afforded to only certain individuals or communities. My values and…show more content…
Americans have higher death rates, and high rates of uninsurance even though we are a wealthy nation and spend more on health care per capita than many other nations. I have learned that there is a wealth-health link, and data has shown that those who are wealthier have better health outcomes than their peers who are of lower socioeconomic status. This is something that really frustrates me because a person’s wealth should not be a determinant of their health in my opinion. Everyone, regardless of income should have access to affordable and competent health care. I believe that values tend to be more important than laws to implement change in our society. In my opinion, if we implement laws in society, people will not adhere to them unless they agree with their values as well. For instance, there is the example of the court clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, even though it was the law, because it was against her values and beliefs. Even though it was the law, it was so strongly against her beliefs that she even spent time in jail. Thus, I think that values are more important, because people may not follow the laws if they do not align with their values. I also think that values are more effective in changing society, because people will fight harder for the issues that they are passionate about. However, I think that this is a double-edged sword, because
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