Problems Facing The Company And The Board Of Directors

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Problem Facing the Company and the Board of Directors The company faced issues related to the methods it used in investigating the unauthorized disclosure of nonpublic information to the press by the members of its board of directors. Apparently, Hewlett Packard hired some investigators in the case. The investigator used various techniques such as pre-texting- calling the telephone company and pose as someone else with an aim of obtaining that person’s information or records. The company and the board chairman, Patricia Dunn, were defending the company’s investigations about the director and the journalist. They cited that there were aggressive efforts to note the core source of leaks that were fully justified by the investigators…show more content…
Patricia Dunn as the board chairman, made a decision that the board had to meet several times in a year, culminate in multi-day, off-site retreat that were held in January where the board was required to have review of the coming year plans and strategies. However, recently, the board had faced various issues related to turnover and turmoil. Some of the actions undertaken by the boards were to organize and assist the new technology committee to make some of the best recommendations towards the board’s scope, direction, quality, execution of HP strategies and investment levels. Generally, the original unauthorized disclosure (leak of confidential board deliberations) incorporated the chain of various events that caused the company to face the court a hearing that took place twenty months earlier before Patricia Dunn became the Chairman. The entire board made an agreement of asking the company outside counsel and make sure that they conducted investigations due to possible leaks. According to reports, there were possibilities that, few board members were leaking confidential conversation of the board. According to statement made by Dunn, the most crucial duties of the board are duties of deliberation and candor that depend upon absolute trust that is held by each director and towards other confidentiality.
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