Problems In A Capitalist Economy In The United States

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A capitalistic economy is a free markets and a absence of government intervention in economy. The government isn’t totally absence because they wouldn’t be able to protect private property.
When in a capitalistic economy the taxes are beyond crazy because they pay for welfare, health, education, and national defence.
Some problems we would have with capitalism is there is inequality, monopoly and environmental problems. With inequality it because the economic system leads to inequality of wealth and income. But it is argued that inequality provides incentive for wealth generations and economic growth. Monopoly in capitalist society, businesses can gain monopoly power over consumers and workers. Environmentals problems in a capitalist society
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This is an economic system in which the government minimizes its interference with the economy. I believe pure capitalism is good for an economic system because the people get to run their own company's but still have to abide by some government rules. The United States does use capitalism and it's defined as an economic system which private individuals own factors of production but use the with certain legislated limits.
Capitalism has 5 main characteristics and they are freedom of enterprise, freedom of choice, profit incentive, competition, private property. All help make a capitalistic economy.
This would be good for economic system because you can make your own choices but government still has some rules but they are not controlling the economy. All economy’s need some rules because without some structures people freak out and think they can do anything. For example free enterprise system is an individual own a factor of production and they get to decide how it's used within legal limits. The reason the government lets people do thing on their own is because they believe that they will work for your own self interest instead of them trying to force people to work for
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