Having A System In Twelve Angry, By Reginald Rose

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What is the point of having a system if it has faults to it? A family friend was being held at the adult detention center. His family was not able to hire a lawyer for him at the time, so a lawyer was appointed to him. The problem with his appointed lawyer was that he didn’t speak Spanish and the family friend didn’t speak English, therefore there was no way of communication. The lawyer did not find out anything about his case, he didn’t find out whether or not he had a work permit or a visa, which he did but had been expired. The attorney appointed to him just said, “Sign the papers and you’ll be released here.” The family friend just did what the lawyer said because he thought he was helping him, not creating a bigger problem. Now, he is fighting to stay here where he has built a life with his wife and kids. Again, what is the point of having a system if it has faults to it? Problems in the system have been present since about the 1930s or 1940s and are still present to this day, it may not have as many faults however some are still present. The play, “Twelve Angry Men,” written by Reginald Rose, is about a kid on trial who is accused of murdering his father. Testimonies given by neighbors are raising questions among the jurors. A lady from across the railroad tracks claims she saw the kid murder her father, she, however uses glasses and wouldn’t be able to see anything without them. A man from the apartment complex claimed to have seen the kid running down the stairs yet

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